Storage: important and scrupulous norms to which we stick

Last and most important phase of the process is the transport and storage of oil.
We use only stainless steel containers, with smooth welding (preventing the deposition of sludge as opposed to those with reliefs in the joints), both for the transport from the oil mill to the warehouse that for the preservation definitive.
During the period of storage our extra virgin olive oil is stored in temperature-controlled (always about 16°) and in total darkness, this is to prevent that the product may suffer any damage and / or processing due to the interaction of these elements .

The oil is in fact a very sensitive: temperatures that are too high or too low, as well as direct exposure to light, may adversely affect its preservation.
We bottle at retail level only at the time of sale, to ensure that the oil gets as fresh, genuine and unaltered as possible on your table.
Similarly, we recommend, if you have any stocks of oil that you will not consume within 20-30 days, always keep your product protected from light and at temperatures between 15 ° and 20 °, always in a sealed container.

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