Our Sardinian extravirgin olive oil

Welcome to the page dedicated to OUR Extravirgin olive oil, produced from the lovely, colorful and fragrant Sardinia.

We are two very small producers who have inherited this activity, which is not only a seasonal and bit convenient job, but especially for us a great passion and "fun".
All our oil, in truth our production is very limited (usually less than one thousand liters in seasons of greater charge), is produced from olive groves inherited from our parents, who in their turn have had its by the grandparents.
So a family tradition to which we have been educated, accustomed and of which we tried to learn as best as possible culture, secrets and that in time we have always tried to update with constant dedication, informing and studying every possible new qualitative improvement without betraying our background of artisans of Sardinia.

We take care personally of every step, from the olive tree maintenance to the collection, from the pressing to the conservation.
Needless to say that we can therefore guarantee 100% of the total quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Here are the links to the various sections where we describe in detail the entire chain and the characteristics of the final product:
- The olive groves: location, history and care

- Harvesting and Grinding : timing and 
- Storage: important and scrupulous norms to

   which we stick
-The character of our extravergin olive oil

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